The word "KAPOW!" illustrated in comic book form

Comic Book Club Sheds Light on Kids’ Creativity

When you ask the children at Seven Courts Apartment complex why they are being videotaped, audiotaped and photographed, they will tell you, “So that our professors can show people how smart we are.”

For three years, Gertrude Tinker Sachs, chair of the Department of Middle and Secondary Education, and Associate Professor Ewa McGrail have been conducting a research project in their neighborhood’s low-income community to learn more about how children in this area express themselves when discussing books they’ve read and stories they’ve created and illustrated in comic book fashion.

“Through this club, our kids have grown socially and academically, and created a family bond,” said CiCi Lampkin, resident services coordinator at Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation’s Seven Courts community. “To see these ladies come every week and teach our children with so much passion, you know that there’s good in this world.”