Research & Innovation

Current Issue – Summer 2016

Students play wheelchair basketball in Georgia State's Student Rec Center

Get Your Head in the Game

Deborah Shapiro is working with local organizations to examine how adapted sports like wheelchair basketball impact heart rates and activity levels among youth with physical disabilities.

The word "KAPOW!" illustrated in comic book form

Comic Book Club Sheds Light on Kids’ Creativity

Gertrude Tinker Sachs and Ewa McGrail have learned more about how children in a low-income community express themselves when discussing books they’ve read and stories they’ve created and illustrated in comic book fashion.

Computer monitors with code in background

Students Test Drive Careers in STEM

Brendan Calandra, Maggie Renken and Jonathan Cohen’s AMAYS project seeks to increase traditionally underserved middle school students’ interest in technology-focused STEM careers.

Grant Funding

The College of Education & Human Development has several local, state and nationally-funded projects in progress this year.

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